Coconut Fiber Product

Min Order Qty: 23 MT

Sample Available: Yes

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Cocopeat is the best environmentally friendly growing medium

Cocopeat can be put into use in many areas such as in greenhouses, seedling nurseries, worm bedding, hydroponics (Growing medium), application in horticulture and floriculture, container gardening, etc.

Cocopeat and coco-fiber are produced from coconut husk with an extraction machine. In the market, there are two types of cocopeat (Low Ec and High EC).

Supplied from Vietnam, India, or Indonesia.


    Product Details


    Capacity: 40

    Product Specifications

    EC: >0.6

    PH: 5.7-6.8

    Moisture: 20-25%

    Compression ratio: 5:1, Block Size: 29*29**13 cm , Weight/Block: 5 kg (+- 5% )

    Shipping & Packaging

    Shipping & Packaging Image/Video

    Packaging: Sack/Bloc


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