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With a wide network of suppliers in most countries in almost all the continents, we are able to source whatever products you are looking for. Our suppliers are vetted well and only the reliable few are selected and rest assured their prices are real and come with the assurance of exactly what you have specified. We do not quote fake prices and do not have suppliers who quote fake prices. We will leave no stone unturned, no matter how big, to get you what you want.

We will source what you need as per the specifications you give us, at the prices you can sell them in your market but to do this we require full specifications, packing info, port of discharge and preferably target prices.

Our suppliers are very well versed in QC and have all the necessary gadgets needed to monitor the products they export. Our service is efficient and comprehensive with even an escrow system in place for those who may want a payment system that doesn’t have high charges.

“LLS World Biz is a very efficient and trustworthy sourcing company that I have had dealings with. Mr Riza has been always helpful and insightful. I once thought, “these people are magicians”, because they were able to get me prices for certain products that I could not imagine. I would highly recommend LWB to everyone. If you want an honest and reliable sourcing agent, don’t look any further.”
Sinan Ozkan


“We are an agricultural company and social enterprise based in Kenya and partnering with LLS World Biz based in Sri Lanka that helps us to market produce from small holder farmers by integrating with cooperatives, producer, organisations, agro processors, small and medium enterprises and other organisations that work directly with family farmers from all over Africa.”
Dennis Kimani Karumba

(Strategic Partner)

“Hello Riza, I read the explanation and I thank you again for your sincerity, your loyalty and foresight. It’s true, we haven’t seen each other yet. We are just maintained by Messages. But I discovered in you through our conversations, a serious, sincere, truthful and loyal man. Riza you are very transparent with me. You are a good man. Thanks very much.”
Balla Gueye

(General Manager - CONETRA, SENEGAL)

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